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Scandal-Hit Maternity Unit Must Demonstrate 'Immediate Action' Has Been Taken

Time icon 31 August 2018 | Person icon Ian Cohen

How Can A Serious Injury Claim Help Psychological Recovery After An Injury?

Time icon 3 April 2018 | Person icon Jonathan Thursby

Coping with a newly developed disability can have serious psychological consequences. We explain how a serious injury claim can help.

£7,000 Compensation Awarded To Yellow Pages Deliverer

Time icon 7 February 2018 | Person icon Jonathan Thursby

Yellow Pages deliverer suffers a dog bite on private property and receives over £7000 worth of compensation. Read how Simpson Millar helped them.

How Safe Are Trampoline Parks?

Time icon 12 January 2018 | Person icon Anna Thompson

As the popularity of trampoline parks continue to rise, Anna Thompson, Personal Injury solicitor, asks just how safe are they?

What Can You Do If You Get Food Poisoning?

Time icon 4 January 2018 | Person icon Jonathan Thursby

If you have suffered food poisoning and want to make a personal injury claim, find out how Simpson Millar can help. Call 0808 129 3320

Safety On Film Sets: Health And Safety In All Workplaces

Time icon 3 January 2018 | Person icon Anna Thompson

Personal Injury specialist, Anna Thompson, investigates several tragic film set accidents that have occurred in Hollywood in 2017.

Vicarious Liability And The Armed Forces

Time icon 6 December 2017 | Person icon Anna Thompson

Anna Thompson, Personal Injury specialist, explains what vicarious liability is and how it could be used to improve safety with the MoD.

Occupational Skin Cancer: The Facts

Time icon 5 December 2017 | Person icon Gavin Evans

Can skin cancer be caused by your job? Industrial Disease specialist, Gavin Evans, investigates Occupational Skin Cancer and who is most at risk.

6 Tips For Keeping You And Your Family Safe This Christmas

Time icon 1 December 2017 | Person icon Katerina McGuire

Read our top 6 tips for health and safety over the festive period including when to replace fairy lights and where to turn if Christmas is a struggle.

Christmas Toy Recalls: Know Your Rights

Time icon 30 November 2017 | Person icon Dawn Rose

Buying children's toys this Christmas? We provide guidance on buying safe products and what to do if there is a Christmas toy recall.

Shop Accident Claims

Time icon 20 November 2017 | Person icon Lisa Wright

Know your rights when it comes to shop accident claims and protect you and yours when you're out for a spot of retail therapy.

Horse Riding Accident Compensation Claims

Time icon 2 November 2017 | Person icon Ruth Magee

Ruth Magee, personal Injury specialist, discusses how it is possible to claim horse riding accident compensation

How Do The Armed Services Affect Soldiers?

Time icon 1 November 2017 | Person icon Anna Thompson

Anna Thompson investigates the after effects of the armed forces and provides guidance on where to find help.

Workplace Machinery Injury – What You Need To Know

Time icon 31 October 2017 | Person icon Georgia Robinson

If you were injured in a workplace machinery injury that could have been avoided it's important to understand the best way to go about claiming.

What Can I Do To Avoid A Warehouse Accident?

Time icon 30 October 2017 | Person icon Lisa Wright

We answer all your frequently asked questions about claiming compensation for a warehouse accident.

Which Jobs Could Put You More At Risk Of An Electric Shock At Work?

Time icon 25 October 2017 | Person icon Jonathan Thursby

Jonathan Thursby, Accident At Work specialist solicitor, answers some of your FAQs around an electric shock at work compensation claim

Scaffolding Accident FAQs

Time icon 20 October 2017 | Person icon Ruth Magee

Ruth Magee, Personal Injury specialist, answers your FAQs regarding scaffolding accidents.

Ladder Accident: Reducing The Risk

Time icon 11 October 2017 | Person icon Lisa Wright

Ladder accidents are common in the workplace. Do you know what to do to prevent them?

Avoiding A Fall At Work

Time icon 10 October 2017 | Person icon Georgia Robinson

Personal Injury specialist, Georgia Robinson, takes a look at the fall at work stats and what your rights are as an employee

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