Pensioner dies after doctors fail to spot a head injury


A pensioner has sadly died after doctors failed to spot a head injury when she fell into a lorry.

Edith Middleton was delivering church leaflets when she fell into a lorry's trailer on June 26. Edith was taken to Burton's Queen 's Hospital where she was later released.

Edith became ill in the early hours of the following morning and was readmitted to hospital at 3.20am. Upon examination by a doctor they found a head cut and her right eye was dilated and following a scan it was revealed she had a huge blood clot on her brain.

Unfortunately Edith died that morning due to her terrible head injuries. The hospital have denied responsibility for the incident and said that upon her 1st admission to the hospital there were no signs of head injury and hence a CT scan was deemed unnecessary.

However, there are conflicting reports from witnesses at the scene of the accident who have said that they noticed a cut on the back of her head.

A verdict of accident death has been recorded.

Phil Gower, Head of the Brain Injury team at Simpson Millar LLP comments: "Head injuries are extremely serious and it is difficult to understand how doctors can miss them especially when witnesses at the scene have said there was evidence of a cut to her head."

"Any head injury that is left unmonitored or treated can have tragic consequences."

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