Pavement defects causes personal injury


Defective pavementWe recently brought a claim on behalf of a client who suffered an injury caused by a defect in a pavement.

Our client was walking home with a friend along a pavement when a broken paving slab caused her to trip and fall. She suffered a fractured metatarsal on her foot.

The defendants initially denied liability as they claimed that the area was inspected annually and they had not received any complaints about the defect prior to our clients’ accident. However, upon inspection of the records, it was apparent they were aware of the defect before the accident occurred.

Liability was then admitted, although they alleged the client contributed to the accident as the defect was visible to the client. Contribution was estimated at 20%. Medical evidence was obtained which supported that the client’s injuries were down to the accident, which the defendant still argued was not the case. Despite providing clear responses the defendant continued to dispute causation, therefore Court Proceedings were issued. The defendants then made an offer of £3,000 in personal injury compensation which was accepted by the client.

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