Patients misdiagnosed by X-ray could claim compensation for medical negligence


It's been found in the US that X-rays don't show hip and pelvis fractures in up to a 3rd of cases.

Doctors in America have warned that relying on X-rays alone could lead to medical negligence compensation claims following a study of 92 patients who were given a more detailed MRI scan after their x-rays.

13 patients whose X-rays were normal were then found to have a total of 23 fractures thanks to the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan.

15 more patients who had abnormal x-rays were also found to have 12 additional fractures between them which showed up on the MRI but would not have been spotted on the x-ray.

And, surprisingly, 11 patients whose x-rays suggested they had a fracture were in fact found to have no fractures at all on the MRI scan.

The research concluded that if doctors are in any doubt about x-ray results it is worth also using MRI, especially with elderly patients who have a higher risk of complications or even death.

Dr Tony Nicholson of the Royal College of Radiologists said: "Ultimately it comes down to clinical acumen. If an elderly patient has persistent pain even though their x-ray shows only mild arthritis, an MRI would be a very reasonable request to check that there is not a fracture."

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