Parasites in the Coral Sea Aqua Club Swimming Pool?


We have been instructed by holiday-makers returning from the Coral Sea Aqua Club in Egypt who are furious at having contracted the waterborne parasite Cryptosporidium whilst on holiday at the 4 star all-inclusive resort.

It would appear that a large number of British travellers have fallen fowl of a debilitating waterborne parasite. Further reports are expected once the results of stool samples are available but initial complaints would suggest the Lazy River at the hotel is the cause of the infection.

Parasites in the Coral Sea Aqua Club's Swimming Pool?

The illness symptoms experienced by holiday-makers at the Coral Sea Aqua Club include profuse and irrepressible diarrhoea - painful stomach cramps – fever and nausea. A large number of victims include children.

Simon Lomax, Holiday Illness and Accident Claims Manager said:

“Holiday makers are contacting us reporting embarrassing symptoms and concerns about the swimming pools.”

“It appears that hygiene standards at this hotel are not as they should have been causing a spate of illness. Cryptosporidium is an infectious bug which is often transmitted by food or water which has been contaminated by faeces, either from animals or humans.”

“Thomson’s representatives should be advising ill holiday-makers to seek urgent medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.”

“Cryptosporidium is not caused by an airborne virus – over indulgence – change in temperature - and any advice given to the contrary would be extremely foolish. If left untreated the infection can cause long term health problems particularly to young children.”

“First Choice Holidays has a legal obligation to compensate its customers if it can be established that its hotel supplier failed to maintain its swimming pools to reasonably safe hygiene standards. Cryptosporidium illness claims are avoidable and tour operators work closely with hotels and their governing bodies (the Federation of Tour Operators) to ensure they offer safe and healthy holidays.”

“We are seeking to recover sizeable damages for those holiday-makers who suffer sickness due to poor swimming pool standards or food poisoning at the Coral Sea Aqua Club in Egypt. British holiday-makers should not be subjected to poor hygiene and sanitation whilst on regulated package holidays abroad.”

“Anyone who has been affected by illness whether from cryptosporidium, salmonella or any other debilitating sickness bug should get in touch”

Parasites in the Coral Sea Aqua Club's Swimming Pool?

Splashing and swimming should be a fun, active, and healthy way to spend your holiday leisure time at the Coral Sea Aqua Club, but a recent illness outbreak concerning cryptosporidium and Salmonella has led to a large number of holiday compensation claims being made against the tour operators, Thomson and First Choice.

Simpson Millar Solicitors have seen a marked increase in the number of reports of illness at the Coral Sea Aqua Club culminating in a large number of instructions to make personal injury claims.

Our specialist holiday claims team is aware that such recreational gastric illness claims have emerged as a major cause of sickness amongst guests staying at the Coral Sea Aqua Club. This is particular true within all-inclusive hotels with large swimming pools where incidences of cryptosporidium have been particularly prevalent.

“Swimming pool hygiene is important due to the efficient transmission of parasites in water. A failure to maintain standards can result in large compensation payments being made to holidaymakers if hotel suppliers fail to operate swimming pools to reasonable standard. These claims are avoidable but only if tour operators work closely with their suppliers to ensure that they offer safe and healthy holidays at every opportunity.”

“Outbreaks of holiday illness from pool water can be eradicated if water is filtered using modern techniques. Holidaymakers staying at the Coral Sea Aqua Club pool should check the water carefully before entering it:

  • Can you see the floor drain in the deep end?
  • Can you smell or taste chlorine?
  • Can you hear the swimming pool pumps running?
  • Are the tile walls slimy?”

“Recreational water illnesses can result in a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurological, and wound infections.”

“Travellers should also be educated and provided with concise information from Thomson highlighting their own responsibility in ensuring that they and other holiday-makers have a safe holiday free from illness. If you are suffering from diarrhoea you should not be in the swimming pool!”

Simon continues:

“The Coral Sea Aqua Clubs includes large swimming pools and lazy rivers as part of the resort complex. Thomson should be adhering to the guidance provide by their industry representative (the Federation of Tour Operators) especially in relation to the prevention of cryptosporidium outbreaks at the Club.”

“We expect Thomson to monitor cases of holiday illness and take steps to reduce and prevent further instances of sickness. Such monitoring is regarded as best practice, but requires setting up systems and training staff to do this surveillance supported by clear protocols for action where outbreaks are detected.”

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