Paralegal Helps Launch BPP Scholarship Scheme


Laura Wrixon, a legal aid paralegal at Simpson Millar has successfully lobbied BPP, one of the UK's largest legal education course providers, to provide a scholarship to prospective students from underprivileged backgrounds.

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Getting Into a Legal Career

Laura tweeted about her disappointment that NCLT, another course provider, was pulling the plug on their LPC and GDL qualifications in London. The other options available were considerably more expensive and so her dream of becoming a qualified solicitor seemed unattainable. The LPC or Legal Practice Course, gives prospective lawyers the tools they need to then go on and attain official legal training.

Laura spoke to us and said, "Without independent means it is very difficult to commit to expensive legal education if you want to work in legal aid because the salary you can expect just isn’t enough to justify the investment. This means that potentially talented lawyers from less advantaged backgrounds are being put off legal aid careers."

There are not many affordable legal options if you want to study law and enter into the legal aid sector. Legal Aid is not the most profitable area of law for a solicitor and is driven by people who have a passion for seeking social justice. The community care and education team at Simpson Millar LLP are dedicated to providing legal aid to those who are unable to access justice.

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Following on from her tweet, the dean of BPP Law and CEO Peter Crisp offered her a place on the BPP LPC at the reduced rate that she would have received at NCLT. This was great news but his generosity didn't stop there. He later offered her a fully funded place on the BPP LPC, meaning that she did not have to pay tuition fees at all. This was a unique opportunity and Laura was determined to make sure others who may be in the same position as her would have the same chance.

This lead to BPP launching their scholarship scheme

Laura went on to say that high LPC fees risk "creating a massive knowledge desert in the areas of law typically covered by legal aid and will mean that in the future there will not be enough lawyers to cope with demand and vulnerable clients will not be able to get the assistance they need. Working in legal aid is genuinely rewarding and I wouldn't want to do anything else, so encouraging others to do so by removing the burden of LPC fees is very important!"

We at Simpson Millar would like to congratulate Laura on the completion of her LPC and encourage all those that need legal help to call Simpson Millar to explore whether they are eligible for legal aid or not.

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