Package Travel Directive updates to be published in July, says ABTA


The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has confirmed that the EU will stick to its promise to publish revisions to the Package Travel Directive.

Publication is now expected in July – originally tour operators expected the revisions to be published earlier this year and he delay caused concern that the revisions would not take place.

The European Commission (EC) has now confirmed that the revisions will go ahead and detailed information will be available to the travel industry by July. Work on any amendments will begin in September.

The news means added protection for the many thousands of holidaymakers who book package holidays every year

ABTA said:

“A swift negotiation process will be required for the Directive to complete its legislative progress before European elections in May 2014."

The Package Travel Directive (PTD) was first published in 1990 and it underpinned the Package Travel Regulations (PTR) which came into effect in the UK in 1992.

Work on revisions to the PTD have been in progress since 2009 as a response to the popularity of “dynamic package holidays”, whereby consumers can put together their own holidays online but these may not be protected by the PTR if the flight and accommodation is booked via separate companies.

In the case of a dynamic package, if anything goes wrong, the consumer may have to take action against an individual hotel or airline operator and pursue this through non-UK courts.

Under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, a holiday booked in the UK and deemed a regulated package holiday is protected and a claim can be made against the tour operator through the UK courts if anything goes wrong.

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