Our Top Tips to Help You On Your Way to Claim Holiday Compensation


You get off the plane and your journey to your resort begins. You reach the hotel and from the moment you step off the bus transferring you from the airport, dread sinks in as the hotel does not resemble the one you saw in the brochure or which was described by your travel agent.

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So if you are on holiday what should you do as a starting point?

Many holidaymakers don’t take any active steps in trying to gather evidence or resolve their complaint until they return to the UK, by which point they have weakened their case by at least 25%.

Instead of just simply trying to make the most of a disastrous holiday that you paid more than what you received for, active steps should be taken to gather everything needed ready to pursue a complaint upon your return.

We have outlined a number of important points that all holidaymakers should bear in mind for wanting to pursue a successful claim;

  • Keep A Diary of Events – Note down all complaints made to ensure that you can recall all the problems you encountered whilst on holiday. These can include conversations with holiday representatives and hotel staff indicating how often a complaint was made and what, if anything was done to resolve the complaint.
  • Photographic Evidence – Whilst you may be able to show a complaint was made, gathering information and proof of the allegations you are making will be extremely helpful to any potential case. This is because hotels usually request customer satisfaction questionnaires to be completed by holidaymakers and if people are generally happy with the hotel, they are less likely to believe your version of events without any evidence. It is therefore advised you take photographs/videos highlighting that your allegations are in fact true.
  • Take Details of Other Holidaymakers Experiencing the Same Problems – This is often useful as it can increase the chances of your claim succeeding if a number of other people in the hotel encountered the same problems as you and who are willing to support your claim.
  • Retain All Receipts/Invoices – It may be that you incur further costs as a result of the poor standards of the hotel, illness or lack of facilities i.e. you may be required to pay for an upgrade/move to another hotel, medication, mobile charges etc. It is possible to recover these fees with your claim for compensation.
  • Mitigate Your Losses – If a problem arises whilst on holiday i.e. you are not happy with the standard of your room, there are health and safety hazards around the hotel or that you are simply not satisfied with the quality of the hotel, any complaints should be raised at the earliest opportunity. When making a complaint to your holiday representative make sure a complaint form is completed and you retain a copy for your reference. This will show that a complaint was made at the earliest opportunity to enable them the chance to offer a suitable alternative and to show that you have tried to mitigate your losses.
  • Keep All Booking Documentation – This will help identify if there has been any breach of contract by the Defendant in accordance to the terms and conditions upon which you booked your holiday. Booking invoices will also help quantify your claim for the recovery of your full holiday cost.
  • Visit a Doctor – In the event of an accident or illness, consumers are advised to visit the doctor whilst on holiday as well as upon their return. Where a doctor’s advice or treatment is not sought, it will be extremely difficult to pursue any claim for personal injury.

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