Online divorce – cheap, but far from cheerful


Ending your marriage is hard enough, without ending up with hidden costs and added angst by using one of the growing number of online ‘quickie’ divorce sites.

There’s been an explosion of these sites in recent years, offering to sever all ties with your spouse for as little as £37.00. And now that you’re unable to apply for legal aid in many circumstances to fund your divorce through an experienced Family Law solicitor – well...we understand how tempting it is to try to handle it all yourself, ‘on the cheap’.

But online should definitely be off limits where there are children, shared finances and/or property involved.

Divorce and Family Law Specialists – Today LegalWhen you’ve got sites offering you a download divorce service faster than it takes to serve up a soft-boiled egg, you’ve got to think twice. Divorce is a complex process with all sorts of problems simmering under the surface that no computer mouse could give a squeak about. We all know that money’s tight, most especially when the family finances are in turmoil, but it pays to seek solid, experienced, professional guidance before you decide what’s best for you.

For a start, if you’re going your separate ways with no hard feelings and full agreement on who gets what – well, you need never see the inside of a courtroom. You may however still need a financial order which makes your agreement legally binding and enforceable in case there are problems in the future and the agreement is not adhered to. You may also need to prevent your former spouse coming back for a second claim to the finances, and so a clean break is essential. If you haven’t agreed the finances or other family related matters then your Family Law Solicitor can refer you to mediation. This is a fast, convenient way to resolve any disputes and then you could be enjoying your new life with certainty and confidence.

Though even when a divorce seems straightforward – no children, no big assets, no contest to the divorce – well, even then things can get complex and stressful. And that’s when a Family Law solicitor can help to smooth things over.

Sometimes one partner wants to make the process as drawn out and as uncomfortable as possible – whether it’s because they believe they have the ‘power’ in the relationship or they are just wilfully being obstructive and withholding information. There’s no site on the World Wide Web that can offer you a strong shoulder to cry on, all the empathy and understanding you need plus fully-tailored Family Law advice for your individual divorce circumstances. This is because your case is unique – not to be found on some ‘divorce shopping list’ putting low cost before high quality.

There’ll be practicalities, possessions, living and childcare arrangements and financial agreements to sort out – that’s what costs time and money after you’ve paid for your online divorce. So talking to a Family Law solicitor from the start really is your best bet. You’ll be surprised just how fast we can move once everyone’s signed on the dotted line and agreed to the settlement.

No matter how fast you can download a ‘divorce pack’ you can’t make up for the years of experience we bring to making your divorce as quick and painless as possible. We can also advise on funding for your divorce in some circumstances, with new financial loan products becoming available since the withdrawal of legal aid.

For the very best advice, guidance and expertise regarding your divorce, get in touch with the experts, Today.

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