One Last Christmas Together 'As a Family'


There is rarely a good time to separate but Christmas can be particularly difficult, even more so when there are children in the family.

Is it a good idea to have one last Christmas together?
Some couples may decide to have one last Christmas together 'as a family', and agree to wait until after Christmas to tell the kids. This is difficult, and no one family situation is the same, but there are some points to bear in mind if this is something you are considering.

Coping With The Changes

If you're committed to going through with the separation or divorce, a lot of things may be changing very quickly, whether it's moving house or simply adjusting the kid's routines. It may be that you haven't fully committed to the idea of divorce and so want to try and see if the holiday period can bring people back together.

However, putting on a brave face and carrying on in spite of everything might not be the right choice. Forcing yourself through several days around the festive period could put a great strain on you, your partner, and most importantly the children. If tensions spill over it could make things more acrimonious. It's also worth pointing out that no matter when you divorce, there will always be a 'first Christmas after the divorce', so is it really worth the conflict?

If you're still unsure about whether you want to get divorced, it makes sense that you may wish to hold off before possibly bringing down the festivities, and it ultimately comes down to making a judgement call. While you might think that there's nothing to really lose by 'giving it a go', sometimes the risks can outweigh the possible reward.

If a family Christmas was to turn toxic, the divorce could become that much messier.

Breaking Tradition

If you choose not to spend Christmas together, it doesn't mean you no longer want to get along with one another. Whilst one family tradition might seem like it's coming to an end, this is the opportunity to begin new traditions, and change things for the future.

When going through such a big period of transition, it is natural to want to hold on to some things from before. If you have children, other relatives, or even close friends, there is still a chance of a great Christmas, even if it isn’t precisely the same as to what you’re used to.

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