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Making a Will is something many of us put off – in fact, an astonishing 70% of people die without ever having made a Will. Others die leaving incorrect Wills which causes yet more grief for family and friends. Now an eye-opening new BBC2 series, Can’t Take It with You, is featuring some incredible stories of people struggling to make some of the toughest decisions of their lives – namely, who gets what when they’re gone.

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Talking about death and money is a huge taboo in our society, and this fascinating series aims to break down those barriers and get families together to really talk about what’s going to happen when the inevitable happens to their loved ones.

Making a Will can sometimes be complex and needs to be done right if your wishes are to be followed after your death. We’ve all seen court cases where family members contest Wills and, indeed, families can be torn apart by a Will. Can’t Take It with You encourages people to think long and hard about their decisions – and so far just about everybody has changed their mind about the beneficiaries of their Will with expert advice and guidance.

So far the series has covered essential Will-related areas including:

  • Leaving money to adult children, some deemed to ‘deserve’ more than others for a whole variety of reasons
  • Leaving money to some relatives but not others
  • Leaving money to charity rather than family and friends
  • Making a Will in line with religious beliefs
  • Appointing Guardians for children should one or both parents die
  • Ensuring that children from a earlier relationship stay with the new family upon the death of the parent with custody

The series is as touching as it is informative and really sets out to show how very serious making a Will is for people in any circumstances. And the great thing about the programme is the insistence on getting everyone involved – families around tables or friends offering unbiased advice to help the people featured to decide the terms of their Wills.

Of course, talking to a specialist Wills and Probate solicitor is essential to make sure that your Will absolutely meets with your needs and will be administered in the right way after your death. But watching this inspiring series does show that, no matter what your wishes, where there’s a will...there needs to be a Will!

We look forward to the next episode where parents need to decide who to pass their businesses on to in their Wills.

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