No-Nups: A New Frontier for Cohabiting Couples?


Co-habiting couples are the fastest growing family type in the UK. They are overtaking married couples who for the first time are in the minority. In addition to this, a lot more couples are pooling their assets and choosing to buy a property together.

Cohabitation Agreements

When it comes to co-habiting couples, the law will not help you until you help yourself.

Although the myth that cohabiting couples are considered to be married in common law has been dismissed, couples are still leaving themselves open to financial difficulty if they split.

What If We Don't Get A No- Nup?

No-nup contracts, also commonly referred to as cohabitation agreements, work in the same way as pre-nups. Solicitors in the field have seen demand for these agreements double over the last year as couples look for ways to protect themselves financially.

In 2012, 5.9 million couples were cohabiting according to the Office of National Statistics, without any agreement to define how things will be split, a lot of people will be left out of pocket and potentially out of a home.

Buying a Home? No-Nups Can Help

When you share a home with someone over a long period of time you will gather a number of debts, assets and savings. A no-nup could potentially cover:

  • Joint property
  • Joint savings
  • How much you individually contributed to the mortgage deposit and repayments
  • How much you gave contributed to household bills etc

No-nups are particularly helpful where you may have received money from family members to purchase a house. In the event that you split, that family member may not be so keen to see their money walk away with your ex-partner. No-nups are ideal for this situation.

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