NHS Whistleblowers: Freedom To Speak Up


NHS Whistleblowers have been in the news again this week covering a multitude of employment and medical negligence issues. But, why do whistleblowers take the risk that they do?

NHS Whistleblower

Whistleblowers Speak Up

The long awaited Freedom to Speak Up report conducted by Sir Robert Francis has been released. It has shown that the lawyers responsible for advising the NHS are more concerned with keeping the NHS out of employment tribunals and shutting down any disclosures made by concerned whistleblowers.

Instead of helping those concerned about the conduct of the NHS and avoiding costly litigation through medical negligence, NHS lawyers were much more likely to look for potential defences. This is not only detrimental to the whistleblower but, the entire NHS system. NHS lawyers should be looking for positive solutions that deal with the lack of counselling and psychological support that whistleblowers miss.

According to Sir Francis, most whistle blowers "do not want to take legal action"; they're more concerned with patient safety and want to get on with their jobs.

Choosing The Right Solicitor

Patient safety is always a growing concern, especially when we hear about the lack of staff numbers and over stretched A&E departments. Undoubtedly, whistleblowers are compelled to do what they do to protect patients from poor care and further injury. This is something the NHS should be happy about considering they pay out millions each year in compensation and settlement packages for those whose care was well below standard.

We often see people who have been wronged by the NHS, with staff that are mostly powerless to make a change taking the brunt of the complaints.

When the NHS get it wrong, it is up to you as the patient to seek help and legal advice from solicitors that don’t operate in the same way NHS solicitors do. Whistleblowers will always be there to make it known when a hospital is not operating in a safe way, but if your hospital isn't being held to account you as a patient can take a stand.

Starting a medical negligence compensation claim not only can bring closure, it can help to expose real faults at the heart of a system that should operate for the good of the public.

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