New HIPs regulations


Property Information Questionnaire's now have to be included in your Home Information Pack (HIP).

The Department for Communities and Local Government has published The Home Information Pack (Amendment) Regulation 2009 (HIPs Amendment Regulations 2009).

As of 6 April 2009 a copy of the Property Information Questionnaire must be included in the HIP at the 1st point of marketing rather than within 28 days after the 1st point of marketing.

HIPs have always been a point of controversy as they cost the seller around £300-400. The conservatives are currently calling for them to be scrapped especially in light of the difficult times relating to the housing market eg falling house prices and poor availability of mortgages.

However, Housing Minister Margaret Beckett has defended HIPs and claimed they have "a real potential benefit to consumers".

The controversy looks set to continue for the timebeing.

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