Negligence medical care for allergy patients


Many people suffer from allergies in various different formats. For some, it can be food allergies or sensitivities, for others it can be medicines, inhalants and animals to name but a few.

A severe allergic reaction is known as Anaphylaxis or an anaphylactic shock. This is a sudden catastrophic reaction involving the whole body. Immediate medical attention is essential. Without it, the heart and circulation may fail causing severe illness and in some cases it can be life threatening.

The most common allergies reported are: allergies to peanuts and insect stings which have risen considerably in the past decade. If you believe you are suffering from an allergic reaction you should immediately call 999.

With appropriate treatment, such as anti-histamine medication, allergies can be controlled and lives can be saved.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and a number of tragic deaths have been reported in recent years due to patient’s not receiving appropriate emergency care. Patients suffering from allergies are receiving inadequate advice and upon arrival at the hospital, they are kept waiting for excessive amounts of time, putting their lives in danger.

Despite the growing number of allergy problems in the United Kingdom, a shortage of specialists and access to medical attention is increasingly being reported as a problem within the National Health Service.

Charity group, Allergy UK have called for additional funding from the Government to provide better training for medical professionals and to increase the number of specialists in this area of practice and the number of specialist centres in the Country to ensure that patients’ lives are not being put at risk.

This article was written by Lisa Swales, Solicitor Medical Negligence Team.

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