Mybility All Terrain Standing wheelchair offers new hope to disabled people


“Quite simply the Mybility All terrain Standing Wheelchair gave me my life back”.

Chris Christou speaks with passion about the renewed freedom and independence that he has encountered since he found the Mybility All Terrain Standing Wheelchair. Having lost his ability to walk following several severe relapses of multiple sclerosis 5 years ago, Chris thought he had permanently lost his independence and his ability to take part in his work as a landscape gardener.

Chris Christou – Mybility

Having previously tried a manual wheelchair, Chris found he was trapped indoors for 18 months because he was unable to cope with the uneven pavement outside of his home. Furthermore he found due to its limitations he had to be carried onto the back of the van to get to his landscape gardening work and things often got even more difficult due to the uneven terrain when he finally arrived there.

Revolutionary New All Terrain Wheelchair

Four X All Terrain Standing WheelchairChris felt as if he was on the verge of losing everything until a revolutionary new All Terrain wheelchair gave him back his freedom.

Seeking a wheelchair that would enable him to work, Chris was first in the UK to use the Four X DL Stand-up: an all-terrain wheelchair which gives disabled people an unprecedented range of movement and ability to tackle even very difficult terrains.

"I wanted a kind of wheelchair JCB, but this has given me so much more," Chris says. "I used to go walking in the woods until my MS made that impossible. Now, with my chair, I can get back in there and ramble around."

Since his discovery of the Four X, which is designed and built by Chasswheel of Finland, Chris has set up a company, MyBility, with the rights to sell the chairs in Britain.

As a disabled person who uses the wheelchair himself, Chris is in an ideal position to understand and advise on how the product can best serve its users.

The outstanding technology of the Mybility Four X wheelchair's suspension and shock-absorption capabilities, coupled with its centre-of-gravity adjustment system gives the user unprecedented comfort and confidence to tackle even the most difficult of terrains. It can safely handle mud, grass, cobbles, steps, steep slopes and even snow. As well as a convenient seat riser function, the chair can also help raise the user up into a stand up position which is fantastic for reaching higher shelves or even just getting served at eye level in a bar! Best of all the wheelchair is so versatile Chris can also use it very comfortably at home and due to its advanced manoeuvrability it is able to handle tight corners at home in his apartment.

"The Four X has a realistic lifespan of over 10 years and MyBility is currently servicing older chairs. When serviced with Chris's firm the Four X has a 5-year warranty and is fully legal on the road, pavement and off-road. It is also fully crash-tested and holds all appropriate EU safety certificates."

Of his company, Chris says: "MyBility is dedicated to providing the best possible quality-of-life through the freedom offered by the Four X wheelchair. The difference to my family life has been phenomenal and I am grateful that the wheelchair has given me the independence and ability to continue my interest in landscape gardening. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to set up Mybility to sell the All Terrain wheelchairs throughout the UK."

Furthermore Chris is dedicated to helping other wheelchair users get more out of their lives by not only providing the products that deliver this independence but also assist in gaining the funding that may be available. Having personally suffered the psychological trauma involved, Chris is especially passionate about helping people who have suffered a devastating loss of mobility due to injury, accident or illness.

"As specialist spinal cord injury solicitors, we recognise the importance of ensuring that our clients are provided with the very best wheelchairs to maximise quality of life. Mybility wheelchairs are very much part of that process" said Simpson Millar LLP

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