My Employer Owes Me Money – What Can I Do?


So you've moved into a fabulous new job – great, but your former employer still owes you money.

Make sure you get the money you are owed from your previous employer

Sometimes, once you leave their employment, employers fail to pay money to which you are entitled. It is still possible for you to claim it back from them using our simple and easy Money Claims Service.

Is Your Employer Holding Back Your Money?

If you've found yourself in a situation where you’ve left your job but your former employer still owes wages, a bonus, or commission payments, first and foremost you should speak to your employer or human resources department. It may be a simple clerical error that can be sorted without any hassle.

In some cases, your employer may be holding back money in the belief that, now you've left, there's no obligation to pay. If this is the case, a more direct approach may be needed.

Some do use the HM Courts & Tribunals Money Claim Online Service (MCOL) of their own accord and don't seek legal advice before hand – this can often prove to be a mistake.

Getting Help From Simpson Millar LLP

By seeking legal advice, you're ensuring that any claim that you make is eligible for the service. That's one of the unique features of using Simpson Millar LLP to handle your application. An employment law specialist will assess the information you give them relating to the money owed to you, to determine if your claim falls within the boundaries of the service.

We will then draft your claim and lodge the forms on your behalf with the MCOL. For those that do not seek legal advice before lodging a claim, the procedure to rectify any mistakes in your application can be long-winded and may incur a fee.

After we have lodged your claim, we'll send you written confirmation for your own records with additional advice on what the next steps of your claim are.

Getting the right advice from the get go and using a reliable service like our fixed fee Money Claims Service is essential to getting back things like holiday pay when your employer has short changed you.

Every penny counts and getting the right advice can save you time and effort.

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