MPs call on Simpson Millar expertise


A parliamentary committee scrutinising proposed changes to employment law will hear evidence from Simpson Millar Partner Joy Drummond today.

Employment Law

A highly experienced employment law practitioner, Ms Drummond was called to give evidence by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Public Bill Committee’s Scrutiny Unit in order to assist in assessing the consequences of the employment sections of the bill. These include proposals for:

  • compulsory pre action conciliation
  • lowering the cap on unfair dismissal compensation
  • financial penalties for employers
  • restricting disclosures attracting protection for whistle-blowers to matters of public interest
  • reducing the numbers of claims and appeals heard by a full panel
  • having more matters dealt with by a Legal Officer rather than a Judge

A new idea is for employers’ offers to employees to leave employment for a payment to be inadmissible as evidence in unfair dismissal claims.

"Some of the policy ideas behind these proposals are good but, as currently drafted, the bill introduces unnecessary complication and uncertainties which will involve employers in more litigation and put additional hurdles in front of employees with valid claims," explains Joy, adding, "In some cases the consequences of the proposed policies have not been sufficiently thought through. It is essential that while seeking to boost the confidence of employers to encourage them to hire, the ability in practice of employees to enforce basic employment rights is not impaired."

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