Motorcyclists' spring into action


As the cold winter becomes a distant memory and the summer weather approaches, motorcyclists are returning to the road.

Unfortunately the statistics show that road traffic accidents involving motorbikes increase by 40% in the spring, perhaps owing to the fact that seasonal bikers are “rusty” on their biking skills, and take risks that experienced bikers would not take. In addition they have to contend with drivers being unused to having bikers on the road during the winter periods causing complacency in driving.

Bank holidays and in particular the forthcoming Easter break present higher risks for bikers due to increased volumes of traffic.

Bikers are advised to dust down their motorbikes and ensure they are safe to return to the road. Simple tips can help such as:

  • Cleaning your bike can make all the difference and help you to spot any potential problems early
  • Wear protective clothing which is visible to other road users
  • Check your wheels, tyres, brakes, battery, lights, oil and chain
  • Fuel can deteriorate over time if not used so may need replacing before taking to the road

The Department of Transport (DfT) THINK! Road Safety initiative highlights tips for getting motorbikes back on the road for spring and can be found at

This article was written by Jo Milne of the RTA Team.

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