Mother Wrongly Accused of Murder after Medical Mistakes


A mum from Birmingham, who was wrongly arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, has won compensation from West Midlands Police. This was after an inquest found that her son died as a result of a misdiagnosis by Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Son dies through medical mistake

A dental nurse from Birmingham, took her 3 year old son to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. He was misdiagnosed with a gastric illness and prescribed antacid medication.

However, he was actually suffering from a chest infection which went undetected by hospital staff. He was sent home from hospital where he later died in his bed.

The boy's mum received a 5 figure sum in compensation after Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust admitted their medical mistake, which ultimately cost Alfie his life. The inquest held into the incident found that he would probably have lived if he had been given antibiotics for his infection.

West Midlands Police mistakenly arrested mother

Just hours after the boy's mum found him lifeless in his bed, she was arrested by WMP on suspicion of his murder.

She was kept overnight in a police cell whilst investigations went ahead. She said: "I just didn’t know what was going on, my head was all over the place. I just wanted to be with my son."

She claims that whilst in police custody she was not even allowed to make a phone call home. After doctors confirmed that her son had died of natural causes she was taken home, where she was confronted with a crime scene and a white tent in the front garden.

West Midlands pay out for mistake

WMP have not formally admitted their mistakes but have paid out an undisclosed amount to the mother for her arrest.

She is said to be relieved that the legal proceedings with both the hospital and the NHS Trust are over as she can now finally rebuild her life with her fiancé and 18 month son.

She is said to be using the settlement to put towards her on-going psychiatric care and a new house for the family, as the one they are in has too many painful memories of her son.

A representative from WMP said: "The mum was arrested following her son’s death as it was deemed in the best interest of the investigation at that stage."

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