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The Law Of…Injuries On Waterslides

Self-employed cleaner and fitness enthusiast Helen Priestley badly cut her leg after she was sent catapulting around a poorly designed waterslide while on holiday in Benidorm.

Doctors later advised Mrs Priestley that her injured leg had developed a very serious infection, one that may lead to the amputation of her leg. Luckily, after two operations, doctors were able to save the leg.

Nick Harris, Head of Holiday Claims, has the story.

“Death Trap”

In an article for the Mirror, Mrs Priestley stated that the waterslide that injured her at the Jet2 resort where she stayed is a “death trap”, and that other holidaymakers should be aware of the danger. While doctors were able to save Mrs Priestley’s leg, she has lost all sensation below her knee and has been told that it may never return.

The hotel Mrs Priestley stayed at is the four-star Magic Tropical Splash Resort in Benidorm. She visited the Jet 2 holiday destination with her husband and 15 year-old daughter.

Upon returning to the UK Helen’s condition deteriorated. Six weeks later she was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis, a flesh eating bug. Two emergency operations on her leg were required.

On the ordeal, Mrs Priestley said: “Doctors said I might lose my leg, and told my husband and daughter I could die.

Following the surgeries, Mrs Priestley was left with a series of open wounds on her leg which required constant attention.

Mrs Priestley claims that the travel operator refused to shut the slide. Their response was that “All attractions comply with European stand­­ard 1069/1.”

Unsurprisingly, Mrs Priestley was very disappointed with this reaction over the harrowing ordeal that nearly cost her a leg and left her scarred for life.

Nick Comments:

Helen only wants what she deserves for her ordeal.”

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