Morrison's Employee Violence Case: Will This Signal A Change In Employers’ Attitudes?


A recent Supreme Court ruling saw judges hold supermarket giant Morrison's liable for the extreme violence of an employee.

This case is ground-breaking as it will make it easier for customers to hold a business liable if they’re affected by the unlawful actions of an employee.

A ‘Brutal, Inexcusable Attack’

The attack took place at a Morrison's petrol station in Small Heath, Birmingham. Mr Ahmed Mohamud stopped in at the petrol station and had asked if they would do him a favour and print out some documents from his USB stick.

The cashier, who was working at the shop, began using abusive and racist language. He followed Mr Mohamud to his car and began punching him in the head; he sustained “a brutal attack involving punches and kicks while he was curled up on the petrol station forecourt”.

Mr Muhamud suffered a head injury, which he says in turn caused him to develop epilepsy. He died in 2014 of an unrelated illness, and his family continued his case for him.

What Does The Law Say?

Howard Davies, Partner and Personal Injury Law expert at Simpson Millar, explains:

“The result of this case is positive as it widens the previously limited situations when a person who has been hurt because of an employees actions can hold the employer to account.”

“Traditionally, employers would avoid liability for these actions by saying that the employee was acting “on a frolic of their own” – and therefore were able to disconnect themselves from the crime. Only with certain at risk occupations would the employer be held liable.”

“This ruling signals a much needed change from this approach. Hopefully, this will mean other victims will now have more of a recourse to hold the business owner who has failed to keep them safe to account.”

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