Misery Continues for Wedding Parties Struck Down With Illness at Lindos Princess Beach Hotel in Greece


It is with concern that Simpson Millar's Holiday Claims experts continue to be contacted by guests that have found no resolution to their holiday nightmare after staying at the Lindos Beach Hotel in Greece.

Reports of illness at the hotel surfaced some weeks ago on the internet around the same time that disgruntled holidaymakers began to instruct Simpson Millar LLP to represent them.

Since then, holidaymakers have continued to contact us, as they do not feel that Thomas Cook have taken their issues seriously.

Guests that have returned from the hotel have reported symptoms of sickness, tiredness and diarrhoea lasting for extended periods of time and ruining their holiday. Those contacting us include a wedding party, whose wedding was ruined by the outbreak.

Holidays Ruined by Sickness Bug

One account suggests that cats, birds and flies were allowed around the buffet food, whilst another review on the TripAdvisor website entitled "Ruined by Sickness bug" sums up the experiences of those holidaymakers that have contacted Simpson Millar LLP. Comments of "queues of people lined up outside doc office or reps room" and that the representative was aware that "the 'bug' had actually effected about 90% of the hotel" paint a graphic picture.

The author of that particular review further summed up the feelings conveyed to us about Thomas Cook's handling of the situation, stating that there was, "No apology" and "no concern" in response to her contacting Thomas Cook via twitter in an attempt to warn other people about the illness.

Beware of Under Settling Your Claim

In a recent development Simpson Millar LLP has learned that Thomas Cook has made at least one offer of settlement to a holidaymaker. The sum of that offer is likely to grossly undervalue the true potential value of that holidaymaker's claim.

Anyone that has received a settlement offer from Thomas Cook is advised to take legal advice before accepting any offers, using any vouchers or cashing any cheques that may be sent by Thomas Cook.

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