Miners Are Set To Receive Thousands Of Pounds In Compensation After Being Shortchanged By Law Firms


The Law Of... rightfully compensating miners

Thousands of miners who made claims for industrial diseases, such as the notorious vibration white finger (VWF) – now known as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) – could gain up to £25,000 of extra compensation after being shortchanged by law firms. Our Robert Godfrey – a Partner at Simpson Millar and specialist in Professional Negligence – comments on how he can help miners stuck in this unfortunate position.

The Law Of... rightfully compensating miners

As one of the biggest scandals to emerge in the Professional Negligence industry, major law firms have been exposed as pocketing millions of pounds whilst representing miners who were making claims for compensation.

Robert has even discovered that some of these firms have also left miners out of pocket by failing to investigate their claims.

Fighting For Justice

Once the unlawful practices of these firms were uncovered, the miners they once represented took their cases to new companies, asking for their help in recovering their compensation. Now it seems some of those individuals have been let down again by the firms they went to for help.

Robert has set up a specialist unit that is dedicated to helping those affected recover the compensation that was meant for them all along – some miners can expect to gain a few thousand pounds, whilst younger victims might get up to £25,000 and they would receive the annual payment for longer.

"These miners have been let down from start to finish," Robert comments. "It’s scandalous that people can be treated in such a way. These were hardworking men who should have been looked after not taken advantage of."

"We estimate there are thousands of miners across the country who have been shortchanged. For solicitors and claims firms to be paid for doing a bad job is disgraceful. These miners have been let down from start to finish."

Recovering From The Past

Over 170,000 coal miners are believed to have been given compensation for the debilitating industrial disease vibration white finger, under a coal miners' compensation scheme that was set up by the Labour Government in 1999.

Caused by continuous exposure to power tools with powerful vibrations, such as jack hammers and pneumatic drills, this condition leaves sufferers with permanent joint and muscle damage.

"Many miners had been under-compensated for their injuries, and especially for the tasks they could no longer do for their families", Robert comments. "Some miners found that they weren't able to do DIY, wash cars, clean windows, or any gardening, as well suffering from a loss of earnings."

"It is clear from speaking with miners that they didn’t understand the compensation scheme. They received little advice and few of these clients ever saw their legal representative."

"The whole point of the scheme was to support miners, and I believe that its original intentions need to be honoured. Miners who claimed under the original scheme might stand to gain more than they think, and we can help them identify where they stand."

The miners' compensation scheme is also the most expensive scheme of its kind in British history.

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