Mesothelioma compensation claim – from the other side of the world


We have successfully settled a compensation claim for exposure to asbestos for a client now living in Australia. After our client developed the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma, he contacted us and we were able to negotiate a settlement of £190,000 plus our costs.

Our client’s story begins in Ettingshall, near Wolverhampton, when he spent the years 1964 to 1970 working with the company John Thompson Ltd. The company manufactured boilers, with asbestos lagging used as an insulating material. The asbestos had to be cut to size, which meant a lot of asbestos dust in the air.

It was our client’s job to sweep up in this area and also to handle the asbestos lagging himself. When welding work was required, our client was also exposed to asbestos blankets and gloves. And, of course, throughout this time the clock towards the mesothelioma diagnosis had started ticking.

Even though our client lives in Australia, we managed to obtain copies of his medical records and had our own expert consultant write up a report on the effects exposure to asbestos had had on our client. Because time was clearly of the essence, we quickly got in touch with the relevant insurers and settled the mesothelioma compensation claim for £190,000.

Our main argument was that John Thompson Ltd already knew – or should have known – that inhaling asbestos dust was a genuine risk to health – a foreseeable risk of injury.

So, even with our client on the other side of the world, we were able to handle his asbestos-related compensation claim seamlessly. Whilst it is obviously more difficult to help people living abroad, with the plethora of modern communication techniques like email and text we are able to handle claims as quickly and effectively as possible, wherever in the world mesothelioma sufferers are now based.

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