Medication and Treatment for Sickness Bugs in Egypt – Our Advice


At this time of year, the Holiday Claims Team at Simpson Millar LLP become inundated with instructions from people wishing to make a claim against their tour operator for symptoms of traveller's diarrhoea suffered at Egyptian hotels.

Medication and Treatment For Sickness Bugts in Egypt - Our Service

Illnesses in Egypt

In these cases, clients are rarely tested for the common germs that cause these sicknesses like salmonella or E. coli as is routine in the UK. Instead, doctors and pharmacies overseas are readily diagnosing illnesses relating to food poisoning and prescribing medication such as antibiotics to relieve symptoms.

From our own experience with clients, it also seems that doctors in Egypt may be more inclined to put sick holidaymakers on IV drips to apply fluids, vitamins and medicines. Some even arrive in their hotel rooms to find rehydration equipment in their wardrobes! To the hotel, this may seem like a responsible move, but to us, this just indicates how bad the problem of holiday illness and dehydration can get.

If you do experience food poisoning whilst you are on holiday, the best advice we can give you is to seek medical attention from a local doctor or pharmacy. This could be to alleviate the symptoms and most importantly to combat dehydration in a much warmer climate. Staying out of the sun and keeping cool is also a good strategy if you're on holiday. You may be thinking that staying out of the sun if the last thing you want to do on your holiday but your health is much more important than sporting a tan. You can still lounge by the pool, but make sure you have something like an umbrella or sun hat covering you from the rays.

Our Top 7 Tips for Combatting Holiday Illness

We're not medical professionals, but we have enough experience in the field to offer 7 tips to holidaymakers requiring treatment for sickness bugs in Egypt:

  1. Get health advice from your GP before travelling to Egypt
  2. When there, stay hydrated at all times but don't drink the pool water!
  3. Avoid eating suspect food or drink i.e. food that looks undercooked or has been left uncovered for long periods of time
  4. If you suffer food poisoning symptoms, seek medical attention from an appropriate professional such as a doctor or pharmacy – remember your holiday rep is not qualified to give health advice
  5. Make sure you/ your friends/ relatives ask plenty of questions to the doctors about the medication you are being offered and why it is necessary. Sometimes medication available in Egypt is banned in this country
  6. If you are given or antibiotics such as "Antinal", "Streptoquin" or "Ciprofloxacin" you may want to contact your GP to see if it is appropriate for you to take it
  7. If you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions or if you are pregnant it is important that this information is volunteered to the health professionals concerned
We are currently helping people claim compensation for sickness bugs at numerous hotels in Egypt including the Red Sea Holiday Village, Coral Sea Water World and Coral Sea Aqua Club. If you travelled as a group, we can also take on your claim as a group to help you get holiday illness compensation.

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