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Simpson Millar's Geoffrey Simpson-Scott, Partner in Medical Negligence, has authored a book providing medical negligence practitioners with essential, up-to-date, guidance on the industry.

Simpson Millar's Clinical Negligence Partner Publishes Practical Guidance Post-Jackson

The book, A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson, is available for pre-order now and will be released on the 30th November 2016.

Essential Reading

Recognising the fact that modern medical negligence litigation remains complex, Geoffrey wanted to explain the core problems that he has to deal with in everyday practice.

It is hoped that covering these issues will alert other practitioners to their likelihood, so that they can avoid them and do not suffer delays or increased costs.

Highlighting best practices for case preparation, case management, gathering evidence, and proportionality, A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson covers changes to the medical negligence industry since Lord Justice Jackson's reforms.

Lord Justice Jackson's reforms changed the way civil claims could be made against negligent medical treatment, altering the landscape for practitioners.

In his book, which is essential reading for medical negligence practitioners in a post-Jackson industry, Geoffrey discusses the industry in light of the changes and explains how best practitioners can help their clients achieve a favourable outcome to medical negligence cases.

Covering Everyday Issues

In short, A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson, covers:

  • Costs & Funding
  • Core Legal Principles
  • Pre-Action & Initial Investigations
  • Issue & Service of Proceedings
  • Case Management
  • Factual Evidence
  • Expert Evidence
  • Trials & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Having previously worked on a new chapter in the Personal Injury Law, Precedents & Procedure, compiled by APIL and published by Jordans, Geoffrey has a history of sharing his expertise for the benefit of the industry and other Personal Injury specialists.

Discussing the book, which is published by Law Brief Publishing, Geoffrey said:

"Modern clinical negligence litigation remains complex. It involves the detailed and accurate assessment of cases, an understanding of many different areas of medicine and clinical practice; the ability to marshal factual and expert evidence effectively; and to progress the case to trial or settlement efficiently if the clients’ needs, aims and objectives are to be met."

"My intention is to cover issues which arise in everyday practice and which have a tendency to cause delay and increased costs. Proportionality (and a possible fixed costs regime) essentially demands efficiency. Whilst there are many advantages to such an approach, it carries with it the risk that important skill sets are lost to practitioners."

"All practitioners need to become more knowledgeable about the underlying medicine and practice and procedure; more skilful litigators; and better negotiators. At the heart of this book is the concept that the complexity of any given clinical negligence case makes it ambiguous and uncertain."

"This book assists in striking a reasonable practical balance between cost effectiveness and effective litigation."

"This is an exciting and continuingly developing area of law and this is what makes it an exciting area of practice. My book provides practical guidance on the issues practitioners face in respect of case preparation, case management, evidence and proportionality."

Pre-order A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson from Amazon today to ensure you can add it to your law library as soon as it is released.

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