Medical Negligence compensation claim tops £800,000


Our client faces being confined to a wheelchair in just a few short years thanks to a knee replacement operation gone horribly wrong. This medical negligence has ensured that our client is also unable to return to work and may even face amputation if his knee becomes infected in the future.

It was February 2005 when our client had a partial knee replacement operation to treat arthritis. However, the operation was not a success, leaving our client with a misaligned leg and in need of further corrective surgery. In September 2005 our client had to undergo a total knee replacement due to the medical negligence at his first operation. And yet he was still in considerable pain, so more operations followed in March 2006 – but they did nothing to alleviate our client’s constant pain.

Knee Injury made worse by medical negligence of doctors

At this stage our client was informed that the latest revisions to his knee replacement would only last until 2013. He was advised not to have any further surgery after that date as prospects of success were poor and the risk of infection too great.

Our client was told that from 2013 he would become wheelchair bound, still with the risk of infection in the knee replacement which could lead to amputation.

Not surprisingly, our client’s physical, social and psychological functioning was severely affected. In considerable pain, he suffered a bout of depression and, though he attempted to return to his senior role for a national company, he was forced to give up work. He is not expected to be able to work again in any capacity.

This means that our client suffered significant loss of earnings both past and future and will also need to fund future care, physiotherapy, aids and equipment, transport, accommodation costs, medical treatment, specialist holidays and payment to trades people for DIY work he would normally carry out himself.

Our case was that this all stemmed from the medical negligence of that very first operation – had the surgeon not been negligent then our client’s partial knee replacement should have functioned until 2020, to then be revised to a total knee replacement which would have lasted for the rest of his life. Without the medical negligence, our client would have been mobile and independent for many years to come.

The case was settled out of court for the sum of £805,000 including a £65,000 interim payment. Though this sum will be a welcome financial cushion for our client in the years ahead, it is the result of a medical negligence compensation claim that should never have needed to be brought.

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