Medical Negligence compensation claim settled for seven figure sum


We have won a medical negligence compensation claim sum of £1,500,000 for a client whose spinal condition should have been spotted at birth and treated promptly. However, it was over a year later that doctors discovered and treated the condition – with devastating results.

Our client was born in 1986 with a thoracic spinal dermal sinus – which looks like a dimple in the back but is in fact a serious condition of the spine. Medical staff should have noticed this straight away and our client should have had surgery as soon as possible after her birth for the condition.

Birth Injury Compensation Claims

It was only when, a year later, our client contracted meningitis and was admitted to hospital that the thoracic spinal dermal sinus was spotted - the meningitis was likely contracted as a result of an infection forming at the base of the sinus.

The subsequent surgical attempt to repair this spinal cord infection left our client with severe incomplete paraplegia and now, as an adult and following more surgery, our client has respiratory, bowel and bladder problems, limited mobility and requires 24 hour care. She has no capacity to work, and doctors predict her condition will deteriorate further as she ages. Though there is no certainty, it is thought that our client will have a limited lifespan as a result of the medical negligence at birth that she suffered.

Her physical, social and psychological development has suffered to the extent that she cannot enjoy the shorter life predicted for her.

Our clinical negligence compensation case was based on the fact that our client’s thoracic spinal dermal sinus should have been diagnosed and treated after her birth and that the delay in doing so led to the too-late surgery which has left our client with paraplegia and dependent upon others for her care.

Whilst this clinical negligence compensation claim sum of £1,500,000 (made up of a lump sum and Periodical Payments) will support our client’s needs for life, we can only think what a very different life she would have led if it weren’t for the medical negligence at her birth.

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