May Half-Term Madness: Top Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained


It’s that time of year again – half term has crept back up on us and if you’re anything like most parents, you’ll be making a last minute dash for some half term plans.
Struggling for ideas? Check out our survival tips and ideas to keep your kids entertained this half term.

Survive half term with a smile

1. Get Creative

For many parents the key issue at hand is how you’re going to keep the kids entertained for week without breaking the bank – DIY and craft projects can be the solution! There are tons of cheap and cheerful ways to keep boredom at bay which also give your child a break from technology. Ideas include:

  • Sofa forts
  • Potato stamps
  • Tie-dyed t-shirts
  • Papier-mâché masks
  • Salt dough decorations

2. Make the Most of Warmer Weather

The best way to keep children entertained can be to let them blow off some steam outdoors. The weather is getting warmer and outdoor activities are good for you and good fun for the whole family.

Activity ideas for the whole family:

  • Visit a climbing wall
  • Centres like Go Ape include forest climbing, zip wires and segways
  • Horse riding
  • Swimming
  • Trampolining
  • Cricket

It can also be a good idea to check with your child’s school to see if there are any sport clubs or activities going on over half term. Often your local area will have things like football schools going on throughout the week.

3. SEN Friendly Activities

If your child has special educational needs (SEN), certain activities can be much more fun and rewarding, such as sensory activities for children with autism or Asperger’s.

The National Autistic Society's section on days out can help you find autism friendly activities and performances in your area; these events are designed for people with autism and are suitable for people of all ages and level of support needs.

You can also make your own fun at home with things including texture books, foil play mats, and sensory tents.

It's often the case that parents of children with SEN struggle to find support during the school holidays and need extra help or respite. If you are having problems, Simpson Millar's Education Law specialists can liaise with social care and help with carer's assessments, making sure you get the additional support you need.

4. And Relax...

Half term doesn’t all have to be fun and games – if you’ve managed to pack loads of activities into your agenda, at some point you’re going to need some time to recoup!

Treat yourself and the children to a duvet day, get your PJs on and spend hours scoffing popcorn and watching your favourite movies. For children with SEN you could even do an at-home sensory aromatherapy session with relaxing music.

One thing to consider is that if you have younger children with bags of energy it’s probably wise to fit this in towards the end of half term so they’ve had a chance to burn it off – or else the day could be far from relaxing for you.

5. Take it in Turns to Babysit

If you have friends with children, it’s always a good idea to arrange dates where you offer to have their child for a day and you get this in return. This is a win-win arrangement; both children get to catch up with friends over the holidays and you have a day to yourself. Granted – it can be a bit manic having more children to entertain that usual, but you’ll reap the rewards when the other parent returns the favour!

NB: But be warned, break the golden rule of not returning a favour and you’re likely to jeopardise a friendship.

Getting the Best for Your Kids

At Simpson Millar our Education and Community Care team help individuals access their rights and the best provisions possible so they can achieve the very best in life. This can range from supporting school admissions appeals to helping children with SEN secure the very best education to meet their needs.

If you would like advice with any Education Law issues, you can contact our team today on 0808 129 3320.

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