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Many consumers who have returned from their holiday will have already started to take some steps to try and resolve the disastrous problems faced whilst on holiday through their rep or tour operator. Many will have also already written their first letter of complaint and received a rejection letter dismissing the claim entirely with an apology or a small gesture of goodwill which probably equates to 5% of your full holiday cost. Consumers often feel let down by this and feel a refund of £100 is better than nothing and put an end to the matter thinking they will not get any further if they continued. However this is not the case.

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Raising A Complaint As Early As Possible

One of the reasons behind some unsuccessful complaints is due to the fact many holidaymakers fail to bring the issues to the attention of holiday reps as soon as possible whilst on holiday. Consumers should take all opportunities to bring problems to the attention of staff at the hotel as well as the tour operator by using the 24/7 helpline or to a cruise rep if on board a cruise ship. Holidaymakers should ensure problems with the hotel from room changes, maintenance requirements, standards of service and accidents or illnesses are noted down by reps in a complaint form, which they have been given a copy of. Quality questionnaires should also be completed as it provides the opportunity to voice an opinion.

These initial steps will ensure that the travel operator and the holidaymaker will carry evidence of the problems faced showing that they were real and not fabricated. It will also allow complaints to be grouped with other complaints by holidaymakers, highlighting that problems were experienced by a number of guests staying at the same hotel as opposed to an isolated party.

Putting Pressure On Your Tour Operator

Holiday complaints can also fail due to problems not being wholly identified because they are often put down to a one off bad experience. Even where a holidaymaker has taken all the photographs needed and listed each issue in the sequence of events that occurred, the tour operator is likely to return with a letter in a response refuting each allegation leaving the consumer at a loss of how to make their rights heard. This is usually because whilst all problems are listed in complaint letters to tour operators, they may not include persuasive arguments on points of law, resulting in tour operators failing to resolve the complaint quickly and fairly. Instead they are compelled to dismiss the complaint where they can.

Our Services

At Simpson Millar Solicitors we work with consumers to make your voice heard to tour operators which can prove to be extremely difficult. Often consumers trust travel companies with their money in return for their perfect holiday but this is often not the case. We believe that all consumers should have their cases heard fairly and in line with the laws that govern consumer rights.

We act on a no win no fee basis and offer a tailored service combined with our extensive experience in travel and consumer law. Should you require any free advice or our help in solving your holiday complaint you can contact our Holiday Claims Team on 0345 357 9000.

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