Love, Marriage and Divorce: Should You Leave the Leaving?


Despite the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing a rise in divorce since the changing economic situation, couples are still trapped in unhappy marriages, unable to find a financial way out.

Marriage and Divorce

2012 A Big Year for Divorce

Relate, the UK's largest provider of relationship support, has warned that high legal bills after an unsuccessful attempt at an out of court settlement has led to couples staying in doomed marriages.

However, according to the ONS - 118,140 divorces took place in England and Wales in 2012, representing a 0.5% increase on the previous year.

The figures suggest that couples may have been waiting for the value of their house to recover before attempting to part ways and split their assets.

Children Should be a Priority

It would seem that more and more couples are leaving it later and later to file for divorce. Family law commentators have called this, 'empty nest syndrome' as commonly it happens after the children have grown up and 'flown the nest'. When commenting on this Judith McAra, partner at Simpson Millar LLP said "Wives in particular leave the leaving until the children are grown up, making themselves miserable for years, when they may get a better financial deal to leave whilst the children are younger. If you are a primary carer, the children's needs run parallel to theirs and children are the court's first priority."

Younger couples still have the highest rate of divorce overall, indicating that the first 10 years of marriage are the most vulnerable. For younger couples, it may be difficult financially for them to secure the funding they both need to initiate a divorce.

All age brackets may find it hard to divorce based on their financial circumstances, but there are solicitors that offer good, sound advice and a wide range of services for affordable prices.

When asked about prices, Judith said "On a practical level, the SM Family department has schemes to help with costs". No one should be stuck in a relationship they no longer wish to be in.

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