Louis Vuitton Tries to Fashion a Defence


Louis Vuitton is being sued by a sales associate for racist comments allegedly made by a manager.

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The manager, who left the French fashion house following disciplinary proceedings, is cited as saying that 'black people are slaves and eat dirt off the floor.'

It is understood that Louis Vuitton accept that the comment was made but are defending the claim, saying that it had taken all steps that are reasonably practicable to prevent the harassment from occurring.

A discrimination specialist at Simpson Millar LLP, states, "Whether written or spoken, racist jokes, bullying, name-calling and banter are all examples of what could amount to racial harassment.

The bottom line, however, is that racial harassment is against the law and you don't have to put up with it."

If you believe that you are experiencing racial harassment in the workplace, seek legal advice promptly.

Simpson Millar LLP can offer telephone advice for a fixed fee and a variety of funding options should you wish to take a case to a tribunal.

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