Long commute to work increases risk of divorce


This week a Swedish study was reported to show that long distance commuting increases the like hood of divorce by 40%. The study covered more than 2 million Swedes who were married or cohabiting and looked at a 10 year period.

The research showed that a major proportion of long distance commuters had young children and with both parents working. This is frequently the shape of the modern family today. In many of these couples one partner will commute long distances to take advantage of greater career opportunities and greater incomes. However, the long commute also means less time for family and friends and can lead to stress and health problems.

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The research also revealed a gender gap as it is usually men who will commute and gain these benefits, whereas the commuter's partner loses income and takes on the responsibility for child care and family, thus reinforcing gender differences.

This article was written by Emma Hopkins, Solicitor in our Family Law Team.

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