Life threatening brain injury goes undetected


A 13 year old boy (Pele) was given Nurofen and told "you can go home in half an hour" as long as you don't feel sick after he had an accident on his BMX at a local skate park.

During the accident Pele suffered a head injury and was briefly knocked unconscious; he was taken to East Surrey Hospital. The doctor examined him and gave the child Nurofen.

Pele's father became worried about his son as he was complaining of pain which is out of character. Suddenly Pele started shouting and screaming and passed out.

Upon examination by another doctor and a scan they found that Pele had fluid on the brain. Pele was rushed into emergency 4 hour surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.

Pele's father is furious that the potentially fatal brain injury had gone undetected by the first doctor and had it not been for the second doctor Pele would have been sent home and could have died.

The hospital state that they acted appropriately and gave the right treatment for the condition. Pele was not showing signs of a serious head injury on arrival.

Fortunately Pele has made a full recovery after having 6 holes drilled in his head and 50 staples.

Phil Gower, Head of Brain Injury team at Simpson Millar LLP states: "Misdiagnosis of non-coma brain injury can have catastrophic consequences and anyone suffering from a head injury should be closely monitored at all times."

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