Level of care received by diabetes sufferers labelled 'second rate'


A new report has warned that care provided to patients with diabetes is in a 'state of crisis'. Improvements could save both lives and millions of pounds.

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Diabetes UK has revealed how less than 50% of people diagnosed with the condition enjoy even the bare minimum level of care, in its State of the Nation 2012 report.

"According to this latest report by Diabetes UK, the level of care recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is enjoyed by less than half of people with diabetes. That is a worrying statistic," said Neil Fearn who is Head of Medical Negligence at Simpson Millar.

According to Diabetes UK, the increase in diabetes-related conditions is directly to blame on a lack of regular tests and check-ups.

Neil added: "People with diabetes are at much higher risk of amputation, blindness, kidney failure and stroke. It is absolutely vital that the care they receive matches the seriousness of these health threats."

The NHS spends around £10 billion each year treating these same four conditions.

NICE has produced a series of recommendations for people with diabetes including having regular kidney function analysis, blood pressure and blood sugar measurement, cholesterol checks, eye examinations and foot and leg checks.

"There are many things that people who suffer from diabetes can do to manage their condition but, to do so effectively, they need the full support of the NHS," said Neil.

Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, labelled the healthcare received by diabetes sufferers as 'second rate' and said: "The report shows that diabetes healthcare has drifted into a state of crisis. It is a compelling case for change."

Key findings by the State of the Nation 2012 report

  • A quarter of children and young people with Type 1 diabetes are only diagnosed when they already need emergency treatment
  • Just 49.8 per cent of people with diabetes are getting the nine basic health checks and services recommended by NICE
  • 40 per cent of people with the condition are not meeting their blood glucose targets
  • Only 4% of children and young people with diabetes get all their annual checks

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