Legal Rights – Have you Received a Solicitor's Letter From Your Tour Operator?


There has been uproar recently surrounding banks and 'Payday lenders' sending intimidating 'bogus' solicitor's letters to try to get people to pay debts. This highlights the fear that many have when they receive a letter from a solicitor.

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Tour operators such as Thomas Cook and First Choice have traditionally handled all their complaints and legal work in-house. However, in a bid to improve efficiency in the handling of customer complaints and claims against them, the major tour operators have started to outsource much of this work to firms of solicitors.

What Does This Mean for you?

This could mean that your complaint about your hotel not meeting the description in the brochure may be met by a letter from a solicitor's firm. You may have previously written and called several times attempting to resolve your complaint when trying to deal directly with the tour operator, but feel intimidated when receiving a solicitor's letter. You may then choose not to continue with your complaint. This is the exact reaction the tour operator wants.

What to do if you Receive a Solicitor's Letter

Having made your initial complaint to the tour operator, if you then receive a letter from a solicitor's firm in response to your complaint, do not panic. Firstly, visit the Law Society's website and establish whether the firm you have received the letter from is a genuine regulated firm of solicitors. If the firm is genuine then do not be frightened or put off by what has been written. The letter may use complicated legal jargon in an attempt to scare you and discourage you from continuing with your complaint.

At this point you have two options. You can either choose to continue corresponding with the solicitors yourself to try to resolve your complaint. Bear in mind that the solicitors will adopt the same tactics as the tour operator and try to continually trivialise your claims in the hope that you give up and go away.

The other option is to take legal advice. If your holiday complaint concerns an accident or an illness that has occurred on your package holiday then we will be able to help you. Simpson Millar LLP have years of experience working in the Travel industry. Many of our lawyers have worked for the tour operator defending holidaymaker's complaints, meaning we know exactly how they work.

We will not be deterred by the tour operator's stance and tactics and will fight hard for the compensation you are entitled to for the illness or accident you have suffered.

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