Legal requirements for Solid Fuel Burners


Following an elderly couple suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, an MP is looking to change the legal rules in the way some boilers are serviced and maintained.

Derek and Joyce Cookson suffered carbon monoxide poisoning even though an engineer had checked their solid fuel burner for faults. The pensions were left with records stating that an engineer was not trained to deal with the boiler.

At present the law requires that gas boilers are serviced and maintained only by corgi registered engineers, whereas there is currently no law regarding solid fuel boilers.

Vernon Coaker, MP said: "The safety of all these sorts of appliances is paramount. I will look into this case and better procedures. I will also raise this with the relevant ministry to see if something needs to be changed either by law or policy to prevent any potential tragedies happening in the future."

Mr and Mrs Cookson were lucky to survive, after they collapsed due to the deadly carbon monoxide fumes leaking from their boiler.

Landlord Gedling Homes, which took over the management of the tenant's property from Gedling Borough Council in November are investigating the cause of the poisoning.

Bryan Nott, Partner at Simpson Millar LLP stated: "If you rent a property it is your landlord's duty to ensure that all gas and fuel burning appliances are regularly serviced and maintained by appropriately trained professionals. Failure to do this can have severe consequences not only for the landlord but for you and your family."

"Carbon Monoxide is extremely dangerous due to its colourless and odourless properties, and in high doses can even be fatal."

Further information: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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