Leeds postman permanently scarred after dog attack


A postman from Leeds has been injured after an attack by a bull mastiff.

Robert Mole, a postman for 5 years, was pinned to the ground after the 8st dog came at him through a fence while he was on his rounds. The attack left Mr Mole, 31, with cuts and permanent scarring to his arms, hands and leg.

Dog Attack

The incident occurred as the Royal Mail revealed that an average of over 2 postal workers per month are on the receiving end of animal attacks. According to latest figures, 25 workers were attacked by pets in Leeds between April 2011 and April 2012, 21 of which incidents involved dogs.

Aggressive pets have forced the Post Office to suspend deliveries to 3 Leeds addresses.

Mr Mole said the mastiff had chased him after breaching a fence at the side of the house to which he was delivering.

"I put my bag out in front of me as a shield and tried to get away. But I fell as I ran away and the dog got on top of me. I thought it was going to go for my neck."

A neighbour helped pull the animal away after hearing the postman shouting. Since then Mr Mole, who was forced to take sick leave to recover, has become nervous on his walk.

"I'm edgy and if I hear a loud noise, I feel nervous for about 10 minutes because it brings it all back."

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said it takes the safety of its employees very seriously. "Whilst we have a legal commitment to deliver to all addresses, we also have a duty under Health & Safety law to reduce risks and prevent injury to our people."

"Unfortunately, dog attacks are a hazard faced by our postmen and women every working day. These attacks cause great distress and, in too many cases, serious injuries."

The spokesperson added that deliveries to addresses where attacks occur might be suspended in the short term to ensure the safety of Royal Mail staff.

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