Leave Emotional Appeals at the School Gate this National Offer Day


Emotional appeals to school admission appeal tribunals need to end if you want your child to have a chance at a place. As little as 1% are successful in making primary school appeals and Education Lawyer Imogen Jolley wants that to change. Primary School Appeals 2015Although appeals are being lodged (13% according to the national average), very few are turning out to be successful in a number of regions. April 16 is National Offer Day for primary school admissions and Simpson Millar, are urging parents to approach the appeals process in a formal fashion. Else they may risk losing out on their choice of place for their child.

Imogen Jolley, our Lancaster based Partner at Simpson Millar had this to say: "Thousands of parents appeal to the IAP (Independent Appeals Panel), but the vast majority of them fail due to a lack of necessary knowledge of the process." She took Birmingham as an example, which showed that out of 1982 appeals only 28 were successful.
Birmingham Primary School Appeals Statistics 2014

Source: APAD Admission Appeals Survey and School Census 2014

Unless parents decide to get savvy and engage with the process formally, Imogen fears that more people will miss out on their primary school place of choice. Each year the number of appeals is growing making it even more difficult for parents to fight for places who are unaware of the procedures that need to be followed.

Emotive Topic

Emotion seems to be the card parents' play when it comes to primary school admission appeals but Imogen advises parents that they need to "exclude emotion and strictly focus on the School Admission Appeal Code and its requirements. If parents rely on irrelevant issues they are destined to lose their appeal as IAP is unable to take emotional causes into consideration."

Every parent thinks the school's decision to not admit their child is unreasonable but this isn't enough to make a school admissions appeal.

Make the Most of Your Appeal

For those parents that will need advice come April 16, Simpson Millar are offering a free school admission appeals guide with basic tips and tricks on how to appeal.

Imogen wants parent to "fully understand the two stage appeal process, detailing what they can expect and how they should prepare."

We want parents to have the strongest appeal possible in the face of an IAP with very high standards. Your appeal will need to go above and beyond if you want it to be successful.

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