Last chance to reclaim wrongly paid care home fees?


A lot of people whose loved ones are in a care home or have been in a care home will probably be oblivious to the fact that they have less than 3 weeks left to do anything about wrongly paid care home fees.

Care Home Fees

If a patient can demonstrate they have a primary health care need they may have been eligible for full NHS funding i.e. NHS continuing health care funding which is awarded and paid for by the NHS regardless of the patient's needs.

The department of health have announced the deadline for unassessed fees paid from 1st April 2004 to 31st March 2011, the deadline is 30th September 2012. It is the last chance for most people to ask the local Primary Care Trust for a retrospective assessment.

Don't delay as you may not be able to reclaim your loved ones care home fees. Find out if you could claim today by simply giving us a call on 0808 129 3320.

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