Lack of safety for elderly patients in NHS Hospitals


England NHS hospitals are so overcrowded according to a healthcare information provider, Dr Foster, that he suggests that care is being jeopardised because of high numbers of elderly patients who could be treated elsewhere.

Elderly patients in NHS hospital

There is a massive safety issue according to Dr Foster because older and more frail people are being admitted into hospital because they are unable to get the care they need outside of the hospital due to the pressures on the NHS staff elderly safety can sometimes be compromised.

This is according to a report released this week by health care information provider Dr Foster and his co author Roger Taylor who explained in an interview on Radio 4 that better integration for elderly care is required and better communication is required to ensure that people can be cared for outside of the hospital and they don’t need to occupy a bed. He commented that 3% of the beds are occupied by people who have been diagnosed with dementia, when in fact those patients ought to be in a different environment where they can receive specialist care and attention. He also commented that care integration has been considered before but it has not been successful but it needs to be promoted to reduce the burden on the NHS hospitals and to obviously improve the care the elderly people are receiving.

According to the Head of Care Home team "As a society we clearly need to do more to look after senior citizens to ensure they receive the best care in the best place by the best people, so reports like this can only help to raise awareness of what is a pressing issue."

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