Kieran Hayler allegedly ‘demanding compensation’ from Katie Price over loss of stripper career


Katie Price’s estranged husband Kieran Hayler is demanding a slice of the former glamour model’s £45m fortune, following accusations that she prevented him from working during their relationship.

This latest development in the bitter split has divided opinion, but is he eligible?

Jane Auty, family law expert at Simpson Millar said: “Reports that the ex-husband of Katie Price is demanding compensation due to his contribution to the couple’s family life highlights one particular factor the Courts will consider when resolving a financial dispute: contribution to the marriage”.

“It would appear that Kieran Hayler is suggesting that his non-financial contribution- caring for the couple’s son, and working on the couple’s sprawling estate- makes him eligible for compensation”.

“Whilst relevant, this will need to be balanced against other factors such as the age of the parties and their future earning capacity- namely will Kieran Hayler be able to return to his life as a plasterer-come-stripper!”

Kieran, before settling down with Katie, worked as a part-time plasterer and stripper but gave up both lucrative careers, allegedly due to Katie’s jealousy. He is fighting for compensation due to lack of earnings while the pair were an item, despite caring for the couple’s children, pets and home.

The couple tied the knot in 2012, after a brief romance and have two children together, Bunny (3) and Jett (4). Strains appeared in the marriage after details of Kieran’s serial cheating became public. The former stripper allegedly had affairs with two of Katie’s friends, their children’s nanny, and a 19-year-old Co-op worker. The pair announced their divorce in May 2018.

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