Kalithea Horizon Royal Hotel Compensation – Illness Outbreak in Rhodes Reported!


Simpson Millar Solicitors are being contracted by holiday makers returning from the Kalithea Horizon Royal Hotel who are furious at having suffered illness at this 4 star all-inclusive hotel in Rhodes, Greece.

Initial reports suggest that over 400 holiday makers have fallen fowl of a debilitating sickness bug – Further reports are expected once the results of medical tests are available.

The illness symptoms experienced by holiday makers at the Kalithea Horizon Royal Hotel include profuse and irrepressible diarrhoea – brutal stomach cramps – fever and nausea.

Holiday Illness in Greece image

Simon Lomax, Package Holiday Illness Claims Manager said:

"Holiday makers are reporting that children are being hospitalised and that antibiotics are being made freely available in reception so that guests can self treat!"

"It appears that food hygiene standards at this hotel are not as they should have been causing a spate of holiday illness. Reports suggest that flies have been a serious problem in the Athen’s restaurant – bacteria is often transmitted to food by flies having previously laid eggs and fed in excrement."

"Holiday makers are reporting on popular consumer forums that pest control vans have been seen on the grounds of the hotel and that the insects suddenly disappeared."

"Tour operator’s representatives should be advising ill holiday makers to seek urgent medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. Infective gastroenteritis is not caused by an airborne virus – over indulgence – change in temperature - and any advice given to the contrary would be extremely foolish."

"We are seeking to recover compensation for those holiday makers who suffer sickness due to poor hygiene standards or food poisoning at the Kalithea Horizon Royal in Rhodes – British holiday makers should not be subjected to poor hygiene and sanitation whilst on a package holiday abroad."

The Kalithea Horizon Royal Hotel is a large 4 star and popular all-inclusive holiday hotel advertised by Thomson Holidays in its brochures - it has 448 rooms and is said to be exclusive to Thomson Holidays in the UK.

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