Is it Time to Make the Move Online?


With BBC3 making its move from broadcasting on TV to being a solely online enterprise from last night, yet another big name has continued the trend of moving their activities online and away from traditional means of consuming.

It's time to go online

But will there ever be a time that legal advice will move solely online - can the same iteration of "online services" ever happen in the legal sector?

Increasingly Digital World

There aren't many things that you can't do, get, or buy online these days – from taxing your car, buying from Amazon's endless online store, to watching TV, downloading music, and even sharing the next viral video.

It's no secret that we're living an increasingly "online" life – but are there limits to what should and shouldn’t be online?

Divorces for £25?

2016 has seen the price war that has long dominated the supermarket arena being taken to the legal world – with some firms offering divorces online for as little as £25.

This may seem like a fantastic bargain if you're low on cash in an already extremely difficult time – but you need to question if it's really worth it. Extremely cheap services are just so for a reason. The support will always be kept to a minimum, and you will be expected to represent yourself in court.

Online legal advice can seem like a great idea if you're unsure, or embarrassed about approaching a solicitor, but the longer-term effects may have more of a negative impact if you do not handle your case in the right way.

Jenine Abdo, solicitor at Simpson Millar, explains whilst there is a place for online advice, that it's also no replacement for face-to-face legal advice:

  • Do not be lured by cheap prices; they may seem like a savvy investment at first, but if you must represent yourself, you are also leaving room for major errors and could mean you end up paying out more in the long run
  • Low prices online often leave hidden extras out – so you may think you're getting a great deal, only to be hit with final costs
  • Lots of things are arguably better online – but getting legal advice is not one of them; generalist advice from someone who does not know your case can never replace specific advice from an accredited solicitor.

Jenine comments:

"We live in an age where the world and information is instantly available at the touch of a button. More and more people want quick, easy, and instant legal advice. For some, this is practical and reasonable and works well with their lifestyle."

"However for many, although you can obtain access and research the best legal teams online, people still want a modern approach in conjunction with that - where they can meet face to face in a local environment."

"For private client fields like family law, the online and then offline services approach work very well together."

How Can Simpson Millar Help You?

We know that lots of services online serve their purpose much better without a physical location to visit. We also know that having premises that you can visit is reassuring; especially when it comes to sensitive legal matters.

And that's why Simpson Millar is here for you in a "Clicks and Mortar" capacity – that means you can get access to useful, free advice right here online on our website, it's also why you can track your case online, and in the future we hope to offer a Skype service if you can't make it to the office.

Of course we do also offer the more traditional route of visiting one of our nationwide offices to meet our expert legal team – so you get the best of both worlds.

Plus, you never have to navigate the online minefield of complex pricing; we offer a range of packaged-price and bespoke services, so you will always know exactly what you're going to pay upfront.

No hidden nasties, no surprise fees.

Just straightforward, jargon-free legal advice, from a solicitor who knows your case; someone who you can trust.

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