Is British Dental Care The Best?


We all value our teeth and expect a high level of service from our dental professional. In a recent letter signed by 400 dentists in the Daily Telegraph, current levels of care for patients has been described as being "unfit for purpose."

Is British Dental Care The Best?

The letter asked for a review of the current services offered by the NHS including an open dialogue about the current limitations.

What caused these dentists to make such harsh comments? Daxa Patel explains:

"It is rather worrying to note that according to some dentists, the standard of dental care offered within the NHS is akin to a ‘third world’ service. This is denied by the NHS of course. Following the creation of a specialist service for vulnerable patients in West Yorkshire by an international charity called Dentalaid, the NHS has responded saying that the service they offer will be improving. The real sticking point is whether this is a good enough response.

It is a sorry state of affairs if a charity known for providing dental care in the Third World decides it needs to offer emergency dental care to homeless and vulnerable people with limited means in the UK.

Here at Simpson Millar, we are increasingly addressing cases where negligent dental care is the norm rather than the uncommon. If the service is sporadic and not fit for purpose in the first instance, what reassurance do patients have that the care they receive on the NHS will be of an acceptable standard at any point in the care process?"

Worried About A Negligent Dentist?

If you are worried that the service you have received when visiting a dentist has been subpar, and are considering making a complaint against the NHS dentist who carried out your treatment, Simpson Millar are on hand with the help and advice you need.

Dental negligence can cause long-term pain and is expensive to correct if left in the wrong hands. We'll explain the process in a jargon-free, easy to understand terms, so you're not left in the dark.

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