Internet vehicle-buying scam


Police and the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group are warning potential car buyers that they have become aware of scams, particularly over the internet, and have discouraged buyers from using certain methods of purchase.

The police have intercepted some 21,000 advertisements last year in the UK, which they suspected would have lead to consumers losing thousands of pounds.

Typically the scam is an advertisement which details vehicles and shows photographs, stating that vehicles can be shipped over to the UK from abroad as soon as monies are lodged with a website, which promises to secure the consumer’s money.

From there the buyers would not hear anything else and their money would be transferred into bank accounts held by the fraudsters.

This is a highly successful scam to which many consumers have fallen pray. Fraudulent adverts have appeared on popular websites such as E-bay and Auto Trader and consumers are warned to take extra care when entering into purchases on the internet.

The Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group and the Office of Fair Trading have said that they and other agencies are working closely together to try and stop these types of scams being successful.

If you have been a victim of a scam such as this you should contact the police. You can find out more information at the website for the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group, which has been founded by the Metropolitan Police, eBay motors, Auto Trader, Exchange & Mart, the Finance & Leasing Association and

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