International Women's Day – Changes Still to be Made?


To celebrate International Women's Day, BBC Radio 1 has announced an all-female line up for a non-stop 39 hours. The line-up will include Annie Mac, Sarah Jane Crawford and Annie Nightingale the longest serving broadcaster and first female DJ on the radio station.

International Women's Day

This year's theme is inspiring change, something that the entertainment and radio industry has embraced by choosing this line up.

All Female DJ Line Up

Nightingale said, "We all desire to be judged on our abilities alone in this very competitive field" and Radio 1 has shown that by appointing new DJs, both male and female, based on their raw talent.

Many women fear discrimination if they fall pregnant and are anxious about losing their job when on maternity leave or feeling pushed out when they return. Although laws surrounding this area are changing, many women are still unaware of their rights.

Another area were women are left in the dark is in regards to their rights if they have suffered domestic violence. Many are unaware that legal aid is still available and that orders can be made to prevent an abusive partner from having contact with them or their children.

Europe Parliament Leads the Way

The European Parliament has set their own theme for International Women's Day, "Preventing Violence Against Women- A Challenge for All". They will aim to discuss experiences and legislation at a national level to find a way to move forward with the issue.

The Simpson Millar LLP Family Law department have been involved in a campaign aimed at bringing the issue of domestic violence to the forefront and especially into the workplace. On average, we spend between 140-160 hours at work a month, for some this is more time than they spend at home.

For this reason, it was important to raise awareness surrounding the issue in the workplace with employers and employees alike. Victims of domestic abuse are often unaware of how the law can aid them in getting away from the perpetrator, and preventing contact with them altogether. The Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV) aims to change this.

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