International Day of Friendship Helping the Elderly


According to Age UK, approximately 1 million older people regularly go an entire month without speaking to someone - not a friend, not a relative, not even a carer. Loneliness can have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of an older person.

International Day of Friendship Helping the Elderly

Loneliness and Older People

Thursday is the International Day of Friendship across the globe. It's a day coined by the United Nations to bring people together from all cultures, but let's bring this day down to home level. Loneliness and lack of friendship is a real problem among older communities. Many of them live alone because their partners have long passed away and their children have moved on with their lives.

Feeling alone and vulnerable can lead to depression. Older people often feel the brunt of it as they are unable to get out and about and family members drop in less and less over time.

In some respects, this form of loneliness can be seen as a type of negligence especially if it occurs in a residential care home setting. If you have put your loved one in a care home then you expect them to receive a certain level of care. This also applies if they receive care in the home.

Age UK Befriending Service

Age UK have been combating loneliness with their befriending service. In England, 51% of those over the age of 75 live alone and a further 5 million state that the television is their main form of company.

With Age UK, they are bringing friendship into people's homes either in person or over the phone. Their telephone service 'Call in Time' is a regularly daily or weekly service provided by volunteers.

There's so much more we can do this International Day of Friendship to bring older people back into the mainstream community whether they're in a residential care home, receiving care in their own homes or they're a close loved one that just needs a chat.

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