Insurance rules put new restrictions on drivers


The government has launched a campaign to combat the scourge of uninsured driving, with motorists now having to legally declare a vehicle as ‘off the road’ if they wish to avoid prosecution.

Accidents caused by uninsured drivers

Previously, offenders had to be caught in the act of driving without insurance to be prosecuted. These new rules will apply to the owners of all cars regardless. This means that cars which are kept in a garage permanently and never driven must be declared to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Drivers who wish to avoid paying for insurance have to issue a statutory off-road notification to the DVLA, in the same way they do to avoid paying road tax.

Of Britain's 35.6 million vehicles around 1.4 million do not have insurance.

The Department for Transport says that 23,000 people are injured and 160 killed each year by incidents involving uninsured drivers.

Any driver who is worried about their insurance status can check with the Motor Insurance Database to see if their vehicle’s details appear.

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